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POA review in H I P

The fabulous team included Jonny Magnanti and Elly Tipping bringing a chill to the audience's experience emerging from the Victorian Mists of time.

PRICE ON APPLICATION site specific sold out!

Having written, co-produced and performed in this Site Specific Promenade theatre event, I was chuffed to have an excellent team with direction from Leigh Shine at Man in the Moon Theatre Productions. Sold out for each tour and adding two extra shows, we had a great run with some fabulous feedback. See the review below. https://www.hastingsindependentpress.co.uk/reviews-opinion/price-on-application/?fbclid=IwAR19vEA0fwjGG0d-tF42DruNR5c85HwfINjwHxHzVGMLp_OCwGWVZPYaoYY